Saturday, April 17, 2010

Technology makes one lazy?

Whatever happened to family night? I wanted to sit and watch a movie. My daughter sat with me BUT played on the iTouch the whole time. My sons played on the computer and my husband watched hockey in the other room. I guess I wasn't watching an interesting movie for them all. I also didn't have popcorn - what was I thinking. I still enjoyed it so I don't care.

So I got up this morning and went and worked out, did shopping at Wallyworld and home. Guess what the kids were still on the computer. I think they slept. I guess restricting the computer and TV during the week may not be a good thing. How do I pry them away to do other things now on the weekend.

Who said technology is a good thing? So I complain about technology and where am I, but sitting here typing on the very thing I am complaining about.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Snowbelt Tournament

What a tournament. We won our first game 3-2, tied the second 1-1, then tied the third game 2-2. There was a three way tie for points (1 for each period, 2 for the win). So we got 4 1/2 + 2 1/2 + 2 1/2 = 9, with 6 goals for us, 5 goals against us. One team beat us on goal count but we were still tied with the other team so then it came down to penalties. We WON with ONLY 7, other team had 9. So playoff game ended up 3-3, so 5 minute overtime - still tied - then they did a shootout 5 shots for each team. MY son was in goal. We lost by one shot. So my question - we really didn't lose a single game but won nothing.

We will be in Niagara Falls this weekend - if we make it into the playoffs there we have to play at 6:30 or 7:00am on Sunday.

THEN hockey games will be done for the season. I like hockey but wow I really enjoyed the close games but it will be nice to be done.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


As I eat another sugar cookie my lovie daughter was so nice enough to make today while I was at work I ponder: Will my workout be enough to make up the difference of eating all those cookies? Will shovelling the walk and drive burn off more of those wonderful calories? How can I avoid these wonderful temptations. I should of told her NO when she called and asked if she could make cookies. As much as I love her learning things in the kitchen couldn't she make a dish that would not temp me so much? It sure is tough. Maybe it will be easier when the weather starts getting nicer and I can kick them outside and get them out of my kitchen.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Can I be meaner? Should I be meaner? Is meaner even a word? Are my kids brats? Are they spoiled? Who really thought it would be this tough being a parent of 3 kids? What the heck, I'm going to exercise and clear my head.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Is swimming exercise?

I took the three kids to the gym to use our pool which is open on Sundays. Unfortunately the pool is 4ft everywhere and my youngest just isn't quite tall enough to be ok on his own. He is old enough to be dangerous. I did find time to do a couple laps and wow I felt it on my knee. Maybe I will try at least once a week to add it to my schedule. I guess I can handle once a week, wet swimming suit/hair in the middle of winter isn't on the top of my list of to-do's. Well got to go play Blokus with my youngest. Dinner is in the oven, what better thing to do.

Monday, February 8, 2010

1st Run of the Season??

Not exactly running. After much therapy, surgery, recovery, and therapy I am up and about but NOT running. I did my first 5k of the season and was pleased with the 48 minute time walking time. I did a 5k last fall in 40 minutes (walking as well) but I did not want to hurt my knee yesterday and it did hurt going down one of the hills. It felt great getting out there again (only if you are runner would you agree with that!). I have to admit I am way out of shape. I was glad my friend L who kept me at a good pace or I would of pushed myself more and did some damage. Today I am sore all over but my knee seems to of come out stronger.

It has been a while since my last race and forgot to bring gloves and since the temp was a bommy 8 degrees I saw a drug store and it had a rack of gloves. After 2 second search I found two pairs for a whopping $2.08 with tax. I knew it was going to be a good day when you get such a deal. I wore both pairs together!

It was great going to and from a race with my two running buddies. It almost made me think spring (if I closed my eyes and forgot about the four layers I was wearing). I haven't been out running with my friend D, and I can't bike while she runs right now unless I could put studs on my wheels (humm...). So I am sort of glad running season is already starting. I however am sort of not glad running is season is coming upon us since I still CAN'T run. A little at a time. I try to remind myself I had major knee surgery but I am impatient (spelled right?).

Oh, I forgot the best part of the day. We wore the best hats L made for all three of us. Everyone complemented us on our festive attire. With our snowmobile Underarmer neck guards and the very nice hats we were all cozy and warm (as one can get in 8 degree weather). It was a great day and we did get a little chili at the end.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hooked on Running.

I know I'm crazy. A five mile race last weekend with a messed up knee - my husband shares this opinion. I guess I'm hooked and blame M and D for that. I was going to "take it easy" per my physical therapist AND because I haven't run in so long I could really get hurt. If I had run the whole thing I guess I would get maybe a 11/12 minute mile, walking maybe a 14 or so. So I did the full 5 mile in 1 hr and 2 minutes - I guess I forgot to take it easy - thought I was until I saw the clock. My knee was hurting and all I could think was my therapist is going to be mad at me.

I went to a knee specialist on Tuesday limping in and he was so nice to give me a cortisone shot. The MRI and xrays look good. I am still doing therapy and ran a little on the treadmill on Friday. After just about 4 minutes however I stopped and walked - not sure if I was just afraid to run full out.

SO crazy me ran a 5k race today. I ran/walked it, through the woods and puddles, and swamps, and ravines, and creeks, and I mean it. I walked a lot because of the course and my knee. My daughter V and the neighbor girl M ran/walked it with me. We had to come home rinse off our sneakers in the sink THEN put them through the washer. After a LONG shower to get the mud off my legs - and all the way up also, I felt so much better. So tonight as I write this, my knee is a LITTLE sore but not as bad as it would of been. I don't have any more runs on my calendar so maybe I can do just a little treadmill work for the next couple weeks before thinking of THE NEXT RACE.

I am however thinking of poor D who is planning to run a race tomorrow similar to the one I ran today. I called and left her a message but I don't know if it would matter. I hope she wears old sneakers and not new ones like I foolishly did. I also hope it doesn't rain for the whole time, like it did today. I saw someone with a t-shirt of the race D is runing tomorrow and I asked him if he was running that tomorrow and he said he was and asked if I was and, I said probably to much mud for one weekend. Wish them the best.